I might get a hair cut – a brief question of Sophy

Can one have free will and fate at the same time play a role in existential time? 

If one has free will to do what is thought to be understood as will, when does fate or the term destiny take over the subjective force that is mixed with the idea force behind the philosophy.

I pose the question, one says “Oh well I have free will. I might as well off myself” and in turn doesn’t jump out a window. But this is an element of a tree falling in the forest and not making a noise, since subject two is there.

If fate is real.

One is eventual to end his choice in life, to his understanding by the symbolic nature of what my understanding of fate. So I will not be able to quit cigarettes. But I choose to always, it’s just that I’m fated to die by famine or cancer. In a sense.

But that leaves me with fate maybe playing a small role, where I can’t use the word can and instead of doing that, I freely through destiny and choosing to do everything other than that, find my way into; as you would see here I’ll say I can quit cigarettes. And wonder if I am choosing to lead a choice or explore the philosophical nature of the idea of inter polarity.

Freely choosing to do something on the other hand is something piano can often times describe, but how many keys are there and when is the music original if you are